breath \ 'breth\ n [ME breth]
a. the air taken into or expelled from the lungs. (I was gasping for breath.) b. an inhalation or exhalation of air from the lungs. (She drew in a quick breath.) c. (archaic) the power of breathing; life. d. SPIRIT, ANIMATION— synonyms: life, life force; in one breath : almost simultaneously

Monthly archive December, 2015
When All You Want for Christmas is Clean Air

When All You Want for Christmas is Clean Air

The lack of breatheable air in China this holiday season has prompted the people there to actually buy it. Vitality Air, a company in Canada, reports a brisk business selling bottled air from two Canadian locations–Lake Louise and Banff. The cans of air vary in size, but the site states that “7.7 liters provide approximately 150 breaths of...
The Force of Darth Vader's Breath

The Force of Darth Vader’s Breath

  If you are getting overly excited in anticipation of the new Star Wars film, maybe you need to take a deep breath–right along with Darth Vader. Ten full hours of Darth Vader breathing is available on YouTube for your listening pleasure. That deep, daunting, menacing respiration–sounding simultaneously like a dying yet still deadly Darth Vader coming...