How, why, what, when and where we breathe are not questions we usually ask. Life starts and stops with the breath, but more than that, the breath can define us.

We breathe 20,000 times a day without thinking, but it is the conscious breath that determines the kinds of lives we want to live.

I became interested in breathing as a young volunteer birth coach seeing women—none them who had taken Lamaze or had epidurals—intuitively adapt their breath to their labor. A few years later, while swimming, I became caught in a riptide, which got me thinking A LOT about the breath. When I became a yogi I came to understand the power of breathing beyond just physical exertion. Finally, through working in public health, I became interested in the impact of smog and respiratory diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis on health and quality of life.

I am now researching and writing a book ALL ABOUT THE BREATH to share the many fascinating medical, scientific and historical aspects of breathing and respiration and to explore what people are able to achieve by using their breath in unique and powerful ways. This blog provides a glimpse into the many features of breathing that I hope to include.

Thank you for reading . . .


Aizita Magaña is a public health professional, writer and researcher. Her articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Guru Magazine and Deadspin. She was accepted into the Nonfiction Workshop at Squaw Valley Community of Writers and acccepted to be an Independent Scholar at the Huntington Library in San Marino.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan. Aizita works, lives and breathes in Los Angeles, California.


Much thanks to Roger Mensink for his assistance and support in setting up this website.

Photo Credit: Lisa Boyle